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Datasheets can be downloaded from this page. All documents are in Adobe PDF format.

RO-RO Systems

RO-RO & General Cargo terminal operators recognise that flexibility is a key operational requirement to managing a variety of cargo types. Maintaining flexibility means knowing accurately the location of all cargo and the status of all cargo handling and slave equipment. At busy times, when schedules need to be maintained, searching for cargo or unaccompanied road trailers and lacking visibility on cargo handling and slave equipment status and availability will challenge the terminal to remain responsive to customer expectations.

We understand this need and have developed a number of systems to assist terminal operators to achieve the implementation of best practice operational and safety policies in a busy mixed cargo environment.

RFID Truck Identification

Ensuring containers are placed in the planned location, efficient use of equipment and the elimination of double handling are all factors in achieving optimal yard density. However, planning is one thing, making sure the plan is followed is a completely separate matter...

TRUCK-ID identifies the container truck and automatically presents the exact container and move details to the container handling equipment operator.


G-POS is a Real Time Location System (RTLS) incorporating GPS technology.

It is embedded unobtrusively into any type of Container Handling Equipment (CHE), be it a Rubber Tyred Gantry crane (RTG), Transtainer, Rail Mounted Gantry crane (RMG), Straddle Carrier, Reach Stacker, Empty Handler or Tractor Unit, G-POS will automatically track of every piece of mobile equipment on site.

Company and Product Overview

A company overview and the solutions we offer.


E-SMART is a management tool providing an instant visualisation of the plant and equipment operated in your business.

It alerts your operatives to quickly identify breakdowns and unplanned maintenance requirements allowing you to take immediate remedial action. It provides the operational status of the equipment across departments to key personnel in a clear format.

New features in E-SMART also includes planned maintenance, minor fault monitoring and general status information. E-SMART also provides KPI data to allow the equipment operational availability and reliability to be assessed with various statistics.


All container terminal operators recognise the benefits of improving operational welfare for their employees and on-site contractors. It is without doubt that many have also adopted a proactive approach to operational safety, recognising not only the benefits to the welfare of the workers through a safer working environment, but also the additional benefits this will bring to the day to day operation by minimising disruptions and providing a more stable and predictable operating environment.

We have developed a number of systems to assist terminal operators to achieve the implementation of best practice safety policies in a busy container terminal.

Trailer Positioning System

Our Trailer Positioning System is a simple, rapid and effective method of positioning single and multiple trailers for truck and crane transactions.

It has been proven in the working terminal environment and provides a strategic advantage by consistently positioning the truck at the right place at the right time, before the spreader arrives. It prevents time wasting through shuffling the truck whilst the Quay crane operator waits for the correct trailer alignment.

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